Native Mix_2017_2

Native Mix (Now AS4419 Certified)

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Product Description

Our new improved Native Mix was specifically created to provide the best growing conditions for native plants in WA. It contains natural peat, extra loam and less sand. It has an ideal pH and meets the Australian Standard 4419 requirement for the Phosphorus level for native plants. The mix now has improved water holding capacity and the ability to hold the various plant nutrients for longer time, especially trace elements. It is now darker in colour for improved aesthetics and a more suitable structure for application.

Product Composition:

  • Gingin Loam
  • Sand
  • Natural Peat
  • Composted Organics
  • Product Benefits:

    • Ideal pH
    • Low Phosphorus level to meet the new version of Australian Standard AS4419 (certification now in progress).
    • Higher natural peat level for balanced pH and richer, darker colour
    • Sufficient water holding capacity
    • Extended nutrient holding capacity
    • Ideal native mix for the WA native plants

    Product Application:

    • Apply as per project specifications.