Wholesale Nursery Supplies For Every Perth Garden

Get everything you need to grow beautiful plants. Amazon Soils’ range of nursery supplies includes everything the experienced or novice grower needs to get their garden project started or to take it to the next level. With a complete range of soils, potting mixes, chemicals, fertilisers, fabrics and tools, we can give your new garden and landscape the best possible start or your established garden an added boost.

Perfect for professional growers, our chemicals include products to control weeds, pests and to promote soil water retention so your plants are never in danger of failing. With herbicides, pesticides and fungicides all available at reasonable prices, your crop will never be under threat.

Our soil wetting agent Ezi-Wet Professional Strength is the perfect thing product to control soil moisture levels. Safe to use near waterways, our Ezi-Wet this granulated soil wetter is perfect for turf, landscaping and agriculture. By reducing water surface tension, Ezi-Wet enhances soil water absorption, preventing dry patches and encouraging drainage. Its efficient formulation means a 20kg bag can cover as many as 2000 sqm.

Get the help you need in the garden with our range of products. Our selection of nursery products has been curated tried and tested by experienced professionals to offer you and your plants only the very best.

Nursery supplies and more available online

Amazon Soils is proud to offer the most convenient help for Perth’s gardeners growers. We offer our full range of soils, potting mixes, composts and nursery supplies online for browsing, so you’re better equipped to make the right decision for your plants. Our expert team are here to help you.

With easy delivery of our high-quality, wholesale products, whatever you need in the garden is just a phone call away. We pride ourselves on offering fast, efficient delivery of up to 100 m3 of material at a time, so no job is too big or too small for our team. Our testing service can also give you much needed information and peace of mind about your soil, and plants and water condition.

To enquire about any of our nursery supplies, or to talk to us about delivery or testing, contact our Perth office today on (08) 9302 1288, or send us an email with your questions to enquiries@amazonsoils.com.au.