Organic Compost To Make Perth’s Gardens Bloom

Give your plants the nutrition they need to reach their full potential. Amazon Soils stocks only the best compost in Perth. With a number of options in compost to choose from, you’ll have the range and the advice you need to make sure your plants get the best nutrition possible.

Our range of soil conditioners are versatile, affordable and – best of all – completely natural. We only sell organic compost so you get the best results with no additives. Trust our products to be environmentally friendly, so you can grow your garden with minimum impact on the Earth our environment.

Made from materials including composted organics and recycled greenwaste, our organic composts are safe to use and extremely nutrient-dense so your plants get the start they need to grow to full size. Our range of conditioners include our own Amazon fine compost, our metro soil conditioner containing properly screened peat with tremendous water retention properties and our mushroom compost (not suitable for native plants) made from straw and imported peat moss.

The bulk compost and soil material experts

With more than two decades of experience in providing Perth and surrounds with the very best organic bulk compost, landscaping and gardening supplies, our professional team has the range and the knowledge you need to get the best possible landscape or garden. With an extensive selection of products and the expertise necessary to guide you through it, trust that when you come to us you’ll have everything you need to create a great looking outdoor landscape or living area.

Our products include mulches, soil mixes, nursery supplies and potting mixes. Sourcing only the best materials, we guarantee a high standard of quality on all of products and even offer a convenient soil and water testing service using the same proprietary laboratory we use to examine our own stock.

All of our customers can make use of our speedy delivery service with trucks carrying up to 100 m3 of material, so no job is too big or too small.

For information on any of our composts, mulches or soils or to talk to us about testing or delivery, contact our Lansdale, Perth office today on (08) 9302 1288, or email us any questions at